Ted Rubin

tedTed Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer, Collective Bias

Ted leads organizational marketing for the business, including working with all members of the team with regard to best practices, social implementation, and overall social marketing strategy. He takes the lead role to maximize market share by promoting Collective Bias in the social media, partnerships and client space whenever and wherever possible including marketing, blogger and social media industry events. He is the brand ambassador to not only the corporate, prospective partner and social media world, but also to the blogging community.

Whether your business is selling widgets or services, success depends on thinking more in terms of delivering stories about those widgets or services and how people use them than about pumping out feature-rich fact sheets or ads.Your customers want to hear those stories, so find more ways to tell them! Reach out to your brand advocates and collaborate with them, and don’t forget to include quality of engagement in your metrics for a better overall view of how you’re doing. In other words, think like a publisher—you’ll get better results.

In his book “Your Brand: The Next Media Company,” Michael Brito walks you through this process and tells you how to get it done. A must read for any marketer in this quickly evolving social world.