Kinsey Schofield

23c2bb2d2789338f9c3ce03c1d10856cKinsey Schofield, Digital Host & Social Media Strategist

Kinsey has been featured as #25 in The 100 Greatest Women in Social Media. A nationally recognized social media strategist and TV personality; Kinsey made her television debut alongside celebrities like P. Diddy, 50 Cent, and The Kardashian on E!’s event planning competition series, Party Monsters. The self-proclaimed “Pop Culture Connoisseur” began her career as a Fashion & Entertainment contributor for Arizona’s, AZ Weekly Magazine. Through blogging her features and promoting through social media, she began to grow her audience of other pop culture enthusiasts. Her love of social media and celebrity lead to relationships with virtual powerhouses BING and msnNOW, where she eagerly played SpokesGIRL.

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