Chapter 3: Establishing an “Editorial” Social Business Center Of Excellence

Chapter 3 is about building the foundation and kicks off section 2.  I start off discussing the need to create a centralized editorial team that will responsible for driving change within the organization. In many cases today, it is often referred to as a Social Business Center Of Excellence (COE). I go in depth about how this team be responsible for building the content supply chain (editorial workflows for content ideation to distribution), developing the content strategy, content governance and creating frameworks that will help facilitate collaboration between teams, partners and even customers.

This chapter is far from theory. I give you a very practical approach on how to build your COE effectively and include the role it will play in your company, the attributes and characteristics needed by those on your team and how it will integrate and work with other teams in your organization. I close out this chapter by discussing Jive and their social business platform and how it can help you with internal collaboration.