Chapter 1: Understanding The Social Customer

Chapter 1 is all about the social customer. I highlight several case studies and reports that will give you a firm understanding of how difficult it is to reach them with the right content, at the right time in the right channel. With emergence of multiple screens, new social platforms and networks or the fact that many customers, including me, suffer from CADD (Consumer Attention Deficit Disorder); it’s very difficult to get your brand heard, seen or interacted with; and almost impossible to be talked about.

I discuss the growing influence of social customers, the fact that they are trusted within their own communities, and how they are aiding others down the purchase funnel through simple and organic conversations within social media, citing several studies and research reports.

I’ll also break down several external factors causing this shift and challenge in marketing today.  And despite this madness and chaos externally, your core business objectives will always remain the same. I close out this chapter reviewing one of my favorite content marketing platforms, Social Flow which gives you the ability to optimize the distribution of your content and achieve much greater performance metrics.