Chapter 6: Understanding The Challenges Of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the real deal. The term itself has been gaining currency over the last several years slowly becoming the new buzzword for marketers and gurus everywhere and eye candy for brands. In this chapter, I highlight a few brands that have taken content marketing to the next level. Companies like Virgin Mobile, American Express, Marriott, L’Oréal and Vanguard have delivered game changing content marketing strategies that are providing customers with new and improved brand experiences.

And while these brands are “killing it” in the content marketing space, many other brands are going through several challenges. Subject matter experts like Jascha Kaykas-Wolff (Chief Marketing Officer of Mindjet), Sean McGinnis (Marketing GM,, Joe Chernov (Vice President of Marketing at Kinvey), Sandra Zoratti (Vice President of Marketing at Ricoh) and Danny Brown (Chief Technology Officer of ArCompany) give their expert opinions about why brands struggle with content.

I also examine several content marketing reports that have been released over the last two years, and analyze the similarities and difference of each.  And, I compare those findings with the qualitative analysis from the experts mentioned above. The reports are:

I conclude the chapter by arguing that you must look beyond the content marketing buzzword and begin to think of your brand like a media company. I close off this chapter discussing the content marketing platform, Kapost, which has technology that can help you facilitate the content supply chain from ideation to distribution.