Chapter 5: Building Your Social Business Command Center

If you have been working in social media for some time, you are already familiar with a Social Business Command Center (sometimes referred to as a Social Media Listening Center). Both Dell and Gatorade were early adopters of command centers and many companies are now starting to follow suit.

Today, many command center operations are deployed to manage “reactive” customer support issues and/or crisis communications.  While those issues are important and I discuss this approach, I also take a different angle and discuss how you can leverage a command center to monitor for trends happening in the news cycle and capitalize on “real-time” content marketing (think Oreos and the Super Bowl.); highlighting real-time marketing vendors like Social Flow and Dachis Group’s Real-time Marketing Software.

In this chapter, I also give step-by-step instructions on how to launch command centers and highlight several vendors in the space that offer off-the-shelf command center solutions – Hootsuite, Tracx, Mutual Mind, PeopleBrowsr, Tickr and Social Flow.