Chapter 4: Empowering Employees, Customers And Partners To Tell Your Brand Story

Chapter 4 is all about enabling employees (brand journalists), customers (brand advocates) as well as channel partners within your supply chain to help you feed the content engine day in and day out.  I go into great detail about using various technology applications like GaggleAMP, Napkin Labs and Pure Channel Apps that can help you scale your programs and do this effectively.

The result of working with each of these stakeholder groups and paying attention to them gives birth to brand advocacy. I have always been a firm believer that if you love your customers (employees too), they will love you back and tell others. This is what brand advocacy means to me. In this chapter, I give you a systematic approach on how to build a brand advocacy program for your business taking into consideration its infrastructure (how it works, NDAs, etc.), the content plan and how you engage with your advocates, the need to establish KPIs that determine the success of the program and technology considerations.  At the end of this chapter, I discuss enterprise social CRM platform Expion, specifically their Social Advocator product, which gives you the ability to feed branded content to your advocates so they can share it within their own personal networks.