Chapter 2: Defining Social Business Strategy & Planning

Chapter 2 is all about defining social business strategy. Essentially, I condense the entire content of my first book, Smart Business, Social Business, into one chapter and introduce new thinking, implementation strategies and new models.

I start with the explosion of social media. And, how many brands saw that “bright & shiny object” and jumped right into social without thinking strategically about it. I discuss how that has resulted in many internal challenges which you might be living through today like multiple social channels, disjointed content and community or employees running wild in social media.

I conclude this chapter by talking about the differences and similarities between social media and social business, which will be a fundamental truth as you read through the rest of the chapters. I close out this chapter discussing enterprise social CRM platform, Sprinklr and how their technology can you help your brand evolve into a media company using social business methodologies.