Chapter 10: How Content Governance Will Facilitate Media Company Transformation

Content is the number one challenge for brands today. The ability to tell an integrated brand story across the social web requires internal planning, cross team collaboration, coordination between different marketing teams in various geographies; and the establishment of controls, processes and workflows, also known as governance.

In this chapter, I define content governance as a strategic imperative when deploying an enterprise wide content strategy for the purposes of establishing accountability, auditing content engagements, managing risk and setting permissions. Every person, whether employee or customer, will have a specific role and/or responsibility when it comes to creating content, approving content, distributing content as well as the internal collaboration needed to integrate content that touches paid, earned and owned media.

I showcase “proactive” content workflows for planned and unplanned content and also highlight “reactive” content workflows as well.

I also go into great detail about password management tools that can protect your brand from unwarranted hackers, attacks or unlawful use. I discuss the unfortunate incident when employees fired by HMV (British retailer) decided to get even by live tweeting their “mass execution” on the company’s official Twitter account and when Burger King’s account was taken over by not so friendly hacker.

I close out the chapter by discussing enterprise social management platform Spredfast and highlight two of their customer’s case studies, Whole Foods Market and AARP, who use their platform for content governance and other social media initiatives.