What you will learn with this book

The narrative if this book is simple. In order to transform your brand into a media company, there are several factors that you must learn and adopt for you brand.

  • The unpredictability of the social customer

    There is a content surplus, attention deficit, and every consumer is influential. Your brand must become a content engine to reach them successfully.

  • The application of social business strategy

    The transformation from brand to media company requires a social business strategy – people, process and technology.

  • The need for a social business command center

    Listening to conversations about your brand and monitoring trends for real-time marketing opportunities is essential to get consumers’ attention.

  • How to create a centralized editorial team

    Creating a central team to manage content strategy, execution and to help drive organizational change in necessary to make the transition.

  • Developing your content strategy

    Your content strategy will encompass a content narrative and how you tell that brand story across paid, earned and owned media channels.

  • Creating your content governance plan

    Identifying roles & responsibilities, structuring your teams and creating workflows for content ideation, creation, approval and distribution.

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A word from the Author

There is no doubt in mind that you will find value in reading this book. It’s not based on theory, assumptions or what I think might work for you. This book is based on my real experience helping companies transform their brands into media companies.

The narrative is pretty simple. I give a complete 360 degree view of today’s unpredictable and dynamic customer. I then give a deep dive of social business strategy since this is what is needed to change your business. I then help you build the infrastructure for your transformation – building a centralized team, operationalizing employee/customers advocacy programs that will help feed the content engine and building a command center to help you capitalize on real-time marketing opportunities. The rest of the book is focused on content strategy. Not just the content narrative, but how you will tell that brand story across paid, earned and owned media channels with a strong emphasis on content governance.